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UndARTground: one concentrated by heterogeneous talents 100% Marseillais

At the same time concept-store and art gallery, this unpublished space has only a single objective: value the creation from Marseille, whatever is the artistic support. An atypical shop which reinvents every month through a new decoration and the productions of new creators.
It is at the heart of the Panier, between the cathedral of the Major company and the Old Charity, that undARTground puts its walls at the disposal of the artists of the region, who can so expose their works to a wide international public. A symbolic place which really joins in the cultural project Marseille - Provence 2013.

Of the short-lived to the permanent.

It is in 2009 when the artist from Marseille Julien Cassar launched the undARTground concept for has first time. His experiences crossed in Marseille, Paris, Barcelona then Boston decide on him to throw  the movement in a garage of 1940 close to the Law Court of Marseille. A short-lived exhibition opened during 4 days, in December, 2009, about ten artists from Marseille. Further to the big hit with the public and with the local press, Julien decides to give body to the undARTground project by opening, in 2012, his concept-store in the Panier. He offers a space of warehouse blow for the young artistic talents.


Art and Style

To come to stroll at UndARTground, it is the opportunity to discover various creators-designer of the concept-store and to pick up,  in " limited series ", numerous products as the posters of eBoy, the design objects of Design Mars, the accessories of Cherry-Bones, the T-shirts Oaï of Life, the pillows ghetto-blasters AK-LH, shoes PANIQ Snarekicks or to plunge into the universe hip-hop of G-Koncept and some more other unusual discoveries...